Monday, 18 January 2016

Larry Longo

Lawrence D. Longo M.D. 1926-2016
Larry Longo was among the most important perinatal physiologists of our time. He is perhaps best known for enhancing understanding of placental gas exchange by mathematical modelling. The work was conducted in close collaboration with Gordon G. Power and Esther P. Hill and summarized in a seminal review (here). Much of the input data was derived from experiments in his lab.

Together with Gordon Power and Raymond D. Gilbert, Larry founded the Center for Perinatal Biology at Loma Linda University. The research program was impressive and is still ongoing. It has been responsible for training a great number of good scientists.

Larry was not just interested in the history of science. He actively researched it. Of particular note is his 2013 book The Rise of Fetal and Neonatal Physiology (here). Larry's Collection of rare books is legendary and those priveleged to have entered his library are unlikely to forget the experience. Many images from these tomes will appear in a forthcoming book Wombs with a View co-authored with Lawrence P. Reynolds (here).

Larry will be remembered for his humility, courteousness and encouragement of all who came his way. He passed 5 January 2016.

A fuller account of Larry Longo's career can be found here and here.

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